International Freight Logistics Convoy

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International Freight Logistics Convoy

This convoy will be organised by International Freights Logistics Staff, everyone is welcome to attend! Please read the description and rules below.

Booking is not available for this event


International Freight Logistics Convoy Information:

Start City:  Edinburgh, United Kningdom

Start Location:  Hotel

Start Date: 1 July 2017

Start Time: 10.00 (GMT) More timezones available at the bottom!

Destenation City: Paris, France

Destenation Location: Hotel

Arriving to destenation:  N/A

Break Point:  N/A

Route Map: Coming Soon!


International Freight Logistics Convoy Rules:

  1. No overtaking and ramming. You must not cause collisions
  2. You must keep distance a SAFE distance from the person in front of you
  3. If you get damage and cannot carry on, you are disqualified
  4. Make sure you stocked and ready to go with full tank and no damage
  5. Try to get load that is on the way to our destination, or at best at our destination, if none available pick random one
  6. We leave at time provided, no questions asked if you are late you can take part in another city on the way to the destination, unless leader says otherwise
  7. You should listen to organisators  & pilots as they are the most important members of the train
  8. Driving illegally as being stupid or forcing driving on the wrong side ETC will not be tolerated throughout the train
  9. Allowed to Advertise with Founders Permission

International Freight Logistics Convoy Staff:

Lead truck:  To Be Confirmed

Tail truck: To Be Confirmed

Convoy Control: To Be Confirmed

Photographer: To Be Confirmed

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