TruckersMP Rules Updated

Posted by marekdev

Hello everyone,

We have some news for you! TruckersMP have now updated their rules:


Username/Tag/Avatar – UPDATED

Having inappropriate usernames/tags/avatars including those with insults, usernames with no text, any with swearing in them, names matching administration, law enforcement organizations, any current living or deceased political leader, otherwise inappropriate content and symbols, or similar. This also includes tags or usernames that would indicate that you are a “Forum Mod”, “TS3 Admin”, “Admin”, “Police”, “Security” or similar and in any language.


  On 5.11.2014 at 8:18 PM, I<3VODKA said:

Insulting – UPDATED

Swearing or using words that may be deemed inappropriate towards other users, staff, or others. This can situationally apply on other services as well as TruckersMP.


  On 5.11.2014 at 8:18 PM, I<3VODKA said:

Report Spamming or Abuse – UPDATED

Spam use of the report function in game or on the website

Reporting a user multiple times with the same evidence through web reports.

Using web reports to complain about bans.


  On 5.11.2014 at 8:18 PM, I<3VODKA said:

Excessive Save Editing  – UPDATED

Modifying your vehicle to include car parts on your truck or truck parts on your car. This includes paintjobs.

Adding an excessive amount of beacons, lights, bullbars, horns, or similar to your truck and also includes any large horns or beacons on your bullbar or front bar.

When editing a truck, trailer, or other content through save editing, you must follow the Mod Guidelines.

No more beacons than allowed by the game by default, no changing the vehicles hitbox, no beacons on bullbars/bumpers or similar.

Your vehicle must be functional.


  On 5.11.2014 at 8:18 PM, I<3VODKA said:

Freeroam and Non Collision Servers – NEW

Driving rules, such as wrong way, blocking, ramming, inappropriate overtaking, reckless driving, etc. do not apply on servers highlighted as either Freeroam or Non Collission (in their name).

Other rules (such as hacking, CB radio abuse, insulting, and everything else) still apply.



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